Telegram, Twitter and Facebook again in Russia’s sights for failing to remove “illegal” content

The social networks Telegram, Twitter and Facebook could be sanctioned again by Russia with financial fines of up to 46,000 euros if they maintain content considered illegal on their platforms, including child pornography or that incites suicide and drug use.

A justice of the peace from the Taganski district of Moscow has opened three administrative acts for breach of these rules to the Telegram Messenger company and another two for Twitter and Facebook, each, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

According to current legislation, an Internet platform that does not eliminate access to information considered prohibited by the Russian authorities 24 hours after receiving the corresponding notification from Roskomnadzor, the Russian media regulatory body, can be face financial fines ranging from 800,000 to 4 million rubles (between 9,000 and 46,000 euros approximately).

Last March, Russia slowed down access to Twitter after the social network failed to remove a series of messages that Roskomnadzor said posed a threat to Russian teens.

This year, administrative sanctions have also been lifted against other social media and Internet companies, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, VK, Odnoklassniki, Telegram and YouTube for failing to remove posts that allegedly encouraged Russian minors to participate in unauthorized protests. .

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