Vargas Llosa asks to vote for Keiko Fujimori in the second round of the Peruvian elections

The Nobel Prize in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, has requested this Saturday the vote for the candidate Keiko Fujimori for the second round of the presidential elections in Peru on June 6.

The Peruvian writer’s request has been made known in his opinion column ‘Piedra de Toque’ published this Saturday. His son Álvaro Vargas Llosa has confirmed this support for Fujimori and that both have communicated. “With the authorization of Mario Vargas Llosa, who has asked to vote for Keiko Fujimori in the second round, I make public that the candidate has communicated with him,” he said on his Twitter account.

“After thanking her for her support, Keiko Fujimori has expressed her total agreement with the democratic guarantees that she asks for in her article,” added Álvaro Vargas Llosa.

In the column, Vargas Llosa has argued this support in that Keiko Fujimori “represents the lesser evil, and there is, with her in power, more possibilities of saving our democracy” while with Pedro Castillo the writer has indicated that he does not see “any possibility “, according to RPP.

On her part, Keiko Fujimori thanked the writer for this gesture. “I thank and salute the support of the writer Mario Vargas Llosa because at this time we are not only facing the pandemic and hunger, but we are also facing communism,” he said in a public act of the candidate as collected by ‘El Comercio’ .

“I have thanked him for his support and I have told him and committed myself, as I have been doing for many years in my political career, my absolute commitment to democracy, to freedom of expression and the independence of powers,” Fujimori shared.

This Saturday, the Peruvian National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) has published the final results of the first round of the presidential elections held on April 11 and has certified the passage to the second round of Pedro Castillo from Peru Libre (left) with 19.09 percent of the votes and Keiko Fujimori of Fuerza Popular (right) with 13.13 percent.

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