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The new version of Google Chrome allows you to share links to selected text from a web

Google Chrome is implementing a service in its latest version, Chrome 90, so that users can share and enter links in which the page redirects directly to a specific area of ​​text selected by the sender.

The tool allows you to copy a link with the highlighted part, as shown on Twitter by the engineering director of Google Chrome, Adrienne Portel Felt, who has shown that it works by selecting the text to be shared with the mouse, pressing the right button and clicking the “copy link to highlight” button.

The user who opens the link will enter the web page in a normal way, but will be immediately redirected to the part of the text that the person who has sent the content has selected, as detailed by Google in his blog. In addition to being redirected, the user who has opened the web will also see the underlined text.

The new feature is already being implemented on Android and the web, and will be available soon for iOS devices. To use it, it is necessary to have Google Chrome 90 installed, although Felt has indicated that it still might not work.

Likewise, Google has implemented other new features in Chrome, such as muted notifications for users who are making a presentation, as well as a new sidebar in the PDF reader to quickly navigate between bookmarks, among others.

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