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Michelle Posada and Nathan Winship open restaurant in Miami with sustainable concept

Miami.- Presenter Michelle Posada and her husband, chef Nathan Winship, opened the Honest Roots restaurant in Miami with a sustainable concept and ingredients brought directly from the farm.

Renowned restaurateur Michelle Posada was a visionary in founding Michi’s, a thriving restaurant in Miami, and the Michi’s Wellness brand. She has captivated audiences as the host of the popular Spanish-language motherhood podcast “More Than Mamis” and the podcast “Marriage Confessions” with her husband Nathan Winship, as well as the author of the bestseller “En La Cocina con Michi.”

“We love great, nutritious food, and the Miami energy found in restaurants, especially at night. So we wanted to combine those two elements in a place where we express our diverse backgrounds, in a fun and intimate atmosphere,” said Michelle Posada.

Winship speaks primarily English and a little Spanish. Michelle is bilingual. They met in Miami’s fabulous nightlife and now run the most delicious and sustainable restaurant in the city. Michelle is responsible for marketing and food, and Nathan is in charge of finance and operations.

“Our restaurant represents a fusion of cultures (American and Latin), as is Miami itself, with star dishes such as tequeños, tuna poke bowl, cauliflower pizza and others that will be revealed, with the aim of offering lunches and dinners unforgettable,” Posada added.
Michi’s was successfully in business for seven years and became known for being a healthy and “casual” place. Now, with the addition of chef Mauricio García, it maintains its essence and at the same time rises to a new standard.

Mauricio García is one of the most recognized chefs in Venezuela, with experience in Spain and the United States. With Italian roots and a taste of the east of his native country, he experiences a fusion of flavors that has given rise to a multicultural cuisine, with the comforting touch of homemade food as a common denominator.

Notistarz/ Photo: Courtesy/Press Michelle Posada

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