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Latin American leaders congratulate Abinader after his victory in the presidential elections

Several Latin American governments have congratulated Luis Abinader this Sunday for having obtained victory in the presidential elections that, if the partial results are confirmed, would obtain his second term at the head of the Caribbean country.

The president of Guatemala, Bernardo ArĂ©valo, has congratulated “the Dominican people for a day of participation and democracy” and has conveyed “a special greeting” to Abinader, whom he has wished “many successes in this new period.” “The Dominican Republic has in Guatemala an ally for development and democracy,” he said.

From Peru, the Andean Foreign Ministry has “extended its most cordial congratulations” for having been re-elected as president in the first round of the elections. “By wishing him the greatest success during his new administration, Peru reiterates its commitment to continue enriching our historic relationship of friendship and cooperation,” he added.

For its part, Mexican diplomacy has “congratulated the people of the Dominican Republic for their exemplary electoral day.” “Mexico will continue working to strengthen the bilateral relationship for mutual benefit and the benefit of the region,” he indicated through his profile on the social network X.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Yvan Gil, has “greeted the Dominican people and their institutions for the outstanding participation in the election day held this Sunday.” “The Bolivarian Government wishes Abinader great success in the progress and well-being of his nation in this ratified vote of confidence that he has received from his voters to lead the reins of his country,” he noted.

Likewise, he has reaffirmed Caracas’ invitation to work “together” and make Latin America “a territory of peace and prosperity, joining forces in the effort to advance the construction of a multicentric and pluripolar world,” according to a statement.

The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, won the country’s presidential elections this Sunday by obtaining 58.87 percent of the votes, with a difference of more than 30 points compared to his next rival, according to partial results. His main rivals called him during the night to congratulate him and recognize his victory, a gesture “of respect and commitment to democracy” that the president thanked.

Abinader, who will be in office until 2028, has celebrated his victory, emphasizing that on this occasion he has obtained a better result than the one achieved in 2020, “with more popular support and more votes”, so that the Dominicans have “approved the effort” that his administration has made so far. “The message from the polls is clear. The changes we have made are going to be irreversible. There is no turning back. The Dominican Republic has changed and has changed forever,” he maintained.

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