The president of Argentina asks that “the four madmen” who threw stones at him take “charge” of their actions


The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, has claimed this Tuesday that “the four madmen” who threw stones at his entourage over the weekend in the province of Chubut take “charge” of their actions, while he has warned that They are not going to “take you away from the people.”

“The four madmen who throw stones at me to take charge of what they have done, they are not going to keep me away from the people,” said the president in an interview on Argentine television, collected by the Telam news agency.

Fernández has pointed out that “it was a very small group of people”, whom he has called “very violent” and has stressed that he does not want “four idiots who throw stones to get me out of what I have to do.” One of the vehicle’s windows broke due to the impacts.

In parallel, he has made ugly that the Chubut authorities were not “active enough” to “avoid” the incident, which occurred during a presidential visit to attend an area affected by a wave of fires.

At least six people have been arrested for the event, which is blamed on anti-mining protesters. The Chubut Security Minister released the identities of the detainees and assured that there are more identified persons who will be arrested in the coming days.

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