Governor of New York will travel again to Israel in solidarity with that people

 New York, .- The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, reported Sunday that he will travel to Israel to show solidarity with that people, after the increase of hate crimes in this state and the whole country.

Cuomo, who will be traveling after the June 19 legislative session of the Assembly and the State Senate, participated today in the parade of the Jewish community on Fifth Avenue, which turned blue and white with the colors of the flag .

The governor described as “a cancer” the hate attacks that are taking place in the country, which include Jews, Muslims or the LGBTQ community.

He regretted that the state has registered an increase of 83 percent in anti-Semitic attacks in New York and 57% in the nation.

He recalled as an example the shootings in synagogues in Pennsylvania, in October 2018, with 11 dead and six injured and in California, last April, with 1 dead and three injured as well as the message left this week in the Children’s Museum in District of Brooklyn: “Hitler is coming”.

“This is a cancer of hate that is throughout our country and unfortunately in our state of New York,” he said during the celebration of the parade, organized since 2011 by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York and had a delegation of ambassadors and other United Nations diplomats ..

He stressed that “there was a time when we could have political differences but they did not turn into hatred”.

“I want to be clear with the people of this state: anti-Semitism is not only wrong, immoral, unethical and anti-American: it is also illegal,” he said and promised that the law will be hardened to the maximum in the state to punish crime.

He also cited a 22 percent rise in neo-Nazi groups in New York, while exhorting all politicians to condemn them for what they are, “domestic terrorists.”

“It’s not part of our democracy, they propagate hate, violence, they attack, and every democratic and republican politician should condemn these groups and call them for what they are,” he argued. (EFEUSA)


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