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Biden and Trump face the six months before the elections with all scenarios open

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, and his potential rival in the November elections, former president Donald Trump, are in a close fight to try to consolidate themselves in the voting intention polls, although there is still hardly any distance between them and all hypotheses are open for November 5.

The polls, in fact, only agree to determine that there is a narrow margin of difference between the two main candidates, since while on Sunday an ABC News poll showed a two-point advantage in favor of Biden –46 percent compared to 44 percent–, another broadcast a few days by CNN put the tycoon ahead –49 percent for Trump and 43 percent for Biden–.

A study prepared from an average of different surveys for Five Thirty Eight also grants a slight advantage to the Republican candidate, with a voting intention of 41.7 percent. The Democratic candidate, for his part, appears with 40.6 percent, while a third candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., appears with data close to 10 percent.

The particular American electoral system, under which the winner in each of the states takes all the delegates at stake, complicates predictions and, in fact, Trump won the 2016 elections despite having obtained less total votes than his then rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

What does seem clear at this point is that Trump is immune in terms of popularity to his various judicial dalliances, despite the fact that the first criminal trial against him has already begun, relating to the alleged bribery of former actress Steffany Clifford, also known as ‘Stormy Daniels’, in the weeks before the elections eight years ago.

In fact, in perspective, there are now more who believe that his time in the Administration left better results than those achieved by Biden in recent years: 44 percent support his mandate, compared to 35 percent for the current president, according to the survey by Ipsos for ABC News.

Trump also obtains better marks than Biden on economic issues or border management, while the White House occupant improves on social issues such as the right to abortion or health care.

In any case, before opening the polling stations, the two major parties must finish their respective internal candidate proclamation processes: the Republican Party will hold its convention from July 15 to 18, while the Democrat will do the same from July 19 to 22. of August.

The inauguration of the next president will take place on January 20, 2025, in accordance with the historic deadlines established in the United States for this type of ceremonies. Before, on January 6, the Senate must ratify the electoral results, a milestone that went down in history in the previous process due to the invasion of a mob in the Capitol.

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