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Navalny’s widow says that Putin: “He has led the country to isolation”

She assures that his government is a “regime” based on “lies and corruption”

Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of the prominent Russian opponent Alexei Navalni, who died in mid-February in an Arctic prison, warned this Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin “has led the country into isolation” in recent years and has recalled that there are currently hundreds of political prisoners in Russia.

This is how he spoke at the beginning of what is now Putin’s fifth term at the head of the country, in which the president has promised to work for the sake of “security” and “unity.” According to Navalnaya, Putin’s leadership has led to Russia’s departure from the Council of Europe, the disengagement of courts from the international legal system, and the departure of Russian universities from the global education system. “Because of Putin, Russian athletes are no longer welcome,” she lamented.

Likewise, she has warned that political prisoners “face inhumane conditions in prison” and has stated that “new cases of this type are opened every day as the State closes in on the private lives of the population.”

“On a personal level, the last six years of Putin’s rule have been the years in which my husband, a true patriot, was persecuted, poisoned, tried and tortured in prison for three years, as well as murdered,” she stated in a statement. video broadcast through their social networks.

“Putin also did this. The same Putin who swore to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of citizens. His promises are empty. 25 years have passed and it will be the same during this term. Things are only getting worse and it scares me think about what will happen if Putin remains in power,” he said.

Navalnaya has also expressed that with Putin at the helm “the country will never have peace, nor development, nor freedom.” “The foundation of his regime is lies and corruption, and money is stolen from us every day to finance the bombing of peaceful cities and the police beating citizens,” she continued.

That is why she has called to “fight.” “We must make sure that no one in the world believes Putin. It is a challenge, but we must move forward. Our country is currently being led by a thief, liar and murderer, and this must end,” he said.

In this sense, she has blamed Putin for starting the war and has pointed out that he “cannot deceive the people who are at the front.” “We do not know the exact number of deaths because they are afraid to give real figures,” he said before emphasizing that it is a “bloody” war that “makes no sense.” “No one but Putin loves her,” she concluded.

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