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Google service crash leaves millions of affected users

 New York, .- Millions of personal and commercial users of YouTube, Gmail and other Google services had problems this Sunday after they stopped working in several parts of North America and Europe.

The portal DownDetector, which follows the trail to the digital world, reported on its page what many around the world had begun to realize.

“YouTube is having problems, are you also affected? Leave your message in the comments”, a warning that was repeated on the DownDetector page for the other Google services, after which the comments were immediate.

“My Google mail went down, this is north of New Zealand, I was told to wait two hours and then try again,” said one of the users on the DownDetector page.
Similar messages came from the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom.
The causes of the failure are still unknown.

YouTube has apologized to its users and have assured that they are working to restore their services, noted mundo.sputniknews, who reported the problems on their page.

“If YouTube is not loading for you or you’re experiencing error messages, we’re working to fix it,” the message states on its Facebook page.

Immediately, users turned to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with what was happening with the important Google services.

“Instagram, Twitter and Facebook when YouTube and Snapchat are out of service”, “I, on Twitter, because YouTube has fallen” or “I can not move forward on any of my works because Google Drive falls all the fucking time, and I’m literally attached to the fucking modem, I want to kill myself “, were some of the messages
The page of mundo.sputniksnews also indicated that according to the Twitter Statistics That Matter account, for every minute that YouTube passes, it loses more than $ 28,500.

Other users preferred that the Simpsons speak for them, as was the one who identified himself as an Internet user A, who included his comment with an image of Homer and a sign that reads: “The end is coming.” (EFEUSA)

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