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Trump lashes out against London mayor Sadiq Khan, whom he calls the loser

 London, .- The president of the United States, Donald Trump, lashed out on Monday against the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, whom he called “loser” and compared with the “stupid and incompetent” mayor of New York, Bill of Blasio.

The US president arrived in the United Kingdom today in a three-day official visit in which he will meet with Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister, the conservative Theresa May, among other personalities.

In a first message posted on his Twitter account, Trump said that “wherever you look, Sadiq Khan has done a terrible job as mayor of London, has been ‘unpleasant’ with the president of the United States, by far the ally most important in the United Kingdom. “

He added in that same message that the Labor politician “is a loser who should focus on crime in London, not me …”

“Khan reminds me very much of our very stupid and incompetent New York City Mayor (Bill) de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job, only that he is half as tall, in any circumstance, I want to be a great friend of the Kingdom. United, and I’m looking forward to this visit, “he said in another tweet.

In response to these insults, a spokesman for the British mayor said that “this is much more serious than some childish insults that should be below the president of the United States.”

That same source recalled that “Sadiq represents the progressive values ​​of London and our country” and pointed out that Trump is “the most outrageous example of a growing threat from the extreme right all over the planet, which is putting at risk the basic values ​​that They have defined our liberal democracies for more than 70 years. “

Last Sunday, in an article published by the Sunday “The Observer”, the mayor of London had compared the language used by the US president to mobilize his followers with the “twentieth century fascists.”

Khan criticized the honors with which Trump is being received in the United Kingdom, where he will meet with Queen Elizabeth II and the British prime minister, conservative Theresa May.Trump lashes out against London mayor, Sadiq Khan, whom he calls the loser, ( EFE)

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