Robert Pattinson joins the cast of the new work of Christopher Nolan

 Los Angeles, .- Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki join the cast of the new film prepared by the British filmmaker Christopher Nolan and had previously with the actor John David Washington as a protagonist, reported today the magazine Variety.

It is one of the most anticipated projects in Hollywood, although, as usual, they have barely transcended details about the history that Nolan is preparing. Sources close to the production indicated to the publication that it is “a huge action tape” and that it will be reissued on Imax screens.

Nolan, who will also act as producer with his wife and partner, Emma Thomas, recently finished the screenplay for the film – still untitled – and studio Warner Bros. reserved the date of July 17, 2020 for its US premiere.

The Australian Debicki comes from a year with great presence in titles like “Cloverfield Paradox” and “Widows”, in addition to lending her voice to one of the characters of “Peter Rabbit”. The Australian has just finished filming the horror series “Lovecraft Country” for HBO.
For his part, the British Pattinson has ahead the premiere of “High Life”, “The Lighthouse”, “The King” and “Waiting for the Barbarians”, all of them premiere titles this year.

This new project happens to be the eleventh feature film of the director, one of the most celebrated and admired filmmakers today, whose films have raised close to 5,000 million dollars worldwide.

Nolan has been a five-time candidate for the Oscars: as a producer and director of “Dunkerque”, as a producer and screenwriter for “Origen” and as a screenwriter for “Memento”.

The working relationship between Nolan and Warner Bros. was consolidated with the three films of the renewed saga on Batman, which entered about 2,500 million dollars in theaters. (EFEUSA)


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