Florida Governor Expected to Announce Voter Registration Campaign

 Miami, Florida – Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum on Wednesday led an act of the state’s Democratic Party in which a voter registration campaign was announced for the 2020 general election, and for which they will allocate 2 million of dollars.

Through an act held at Florida Memorial University, in Miami Gardens, Miami-Dade County, the former mayor of Tallahassee urged attendees to “turn blue,” the color that identifies Democrats, this southeastern state of the country, decisive in the presidential elections.

The Democratic Party of Florida announced in a statement that they are seeking to register 200,000 people as voters of this group before the primaries for the presidential elections of 2020.

“Now, 1.4 million people have the possibility to register as voters in the state of Florida, that’s important,” Gillum said during Wednesday’s ceremony.

Some media speculated that the one who was the first African-American candidate to the Florida Governorate in history was going to announce that he was joining the long list of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, but that was not the case.

“It hurts,” he said on the stand, recognizing that many people asked him how he was after falling defeated in the last midterm elections, by just over 33,000 votes, before the Republican Ron DeSantis, who took over the state government .

Gillum’s nomination as Florida’s gubernatorial candidate came as a surprise when he beat five candidates, including former Congresswoman Gwen Graham, daughter of a former governor, and former Miami Beach mayor Philip Levine.

In the face of the 2020 elections, Terrie Rizzo, president of the Florida Democrats, said in a statement that it is “to create the electorate we want, not the one we have been told we have.”

According to a poll by the University of Quinnipiac (Connecticut) published on March 14, 51% of registered voters in Florida will not vote “definitely” for President Donald Trump, if this is the Republican candidate in the 2020 presidential race .

Likewise, 52% of voters in this state so coveted by both parties rate Trump negatively, compared to 40% who have a positive assessment of their management.

In the 2016 presidential election, the New York mogul won 49% of the votes in Florida, compared to 47.8% of his rival, Hillary Clinton. (EFEUSA)


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