Trump criticizes Facebook, Twitter and Google for alleged censorship of conservatives

 Washington, DC – President Donald Trump criticized Facebook, Twitter and Google platforms today, accusing them of “conspiring” to censure supposedly conservative figures of the country.

“Something is happening with that group of guys who manage Facebook and Google and Twitter, and I think we have to get to the bottom of that,” Trump said, adding that the practices of those companies are “conspiratorial.”

Consequently, “it is very, very fair to say that we have to do something about it,” the president said during his appearance before the press Tuesday along with his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro.

The Washington Post newspaper recalled that on Monday the Republican by California Devin Nunes, one of the allies of the White House, announced that he had filed a lawsuit against Twitter and some of its users for defamation.

Nunes seeks compensation of $ 250 million for damages with this complaint, in which he has accused the company of hiding tweets from conservative users without their consent.
For his part, the director of social networks of Trump, Dan Scavino, said on Tuesday that Facebook was “silencing” him, as he had not been able to respond for a while to comments on his page on this platform.

In a statement, Facebook responded that this was due to its policy of automatic account blocking: “these limits may have unintended consequences temporarily preventing real people, such as Dan Scavino, from carrying out such an activity, but it rises in one hour or two, which is what has happened in this case, “said a spokeswoman for the company.

It is not the first time that Trump launches threats against Google, Twitter and Facebook.
In August, the president warned them to “be careful” because they are “taking advantage of many people,” after denouncing that the Google search engine is designed to silence the conservatives.

“I think Google is taking advantage of a lot of people, I think it’s something very serious, something very serious, I think what Google and others are doing, if you look at what is happening with Facebook, you better be careful, because they can do that with people, “Trump said in statements to reporters from the Oval Office.

“We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints that are coming to us, and they can not do it,” he continued, “so I think Google, Twitter and Facebook are really going into very dangerous territory and they have to be careful. of the population. “

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said at the time that the White House was reviewing whether Google searches “should be regulated,” without providing further details. (EFEUSA)


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