Director of the Gran Combo de Puerto Rico accepts the resignation of singer Papo Rosario

Director of the Gran Combo de Puerto Rico accepts the resignation of singer Papo Rosario The singers of the Great Combo of Puerto Rico Jerry Rivas (c), Luis "Papo" Rosario (d) and Anthony Garcia (i). EFE / Archive

San Juan, .- The musical director of the legendary salsa orchestra El Gran Combo of Puerto Rico, Rafael Ithier, reported today that he accepts the resignation of the band’s chorister, Luis “Papo” Rosario, who announced his departure from the group on Monday. after 38 years of career, due to health problems.

“EGC Corp, Rafael Ithier and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico accept with great regret the retirement of our partner,” Ithier said in written statements Tuesday.

“We hope you have a successful recovery with your family but above all, a lot of health, our sincere thanks for your 38 years of experience and we wish you the best of success in your next projects. ‘Papo’ will always be part of the big family of El Gran Combo “, emphasized the legendary pianist.

Rosario made the announcement in the segment of the character of “El Guitarreño”, from the program “Pégate al Mediodía” of the television network WAPA-TV, and where he explained that his retirement was due to problems in his back, which kept him retired from the scenarios from 2017

The interpreter reported that his decision was made along with several of his doctors, his relatives, Ithier and his co-workers of the so-called “University of salsa” or “Los mulatos del sabor”.
“I have taken the difficult decision of my retirement, that is, I retire, but it is towards my home,” said Rosario, who gave the message accompanied by his son, actor Aniel Rosario.

“I do not withdraw from the media, and with the favor of God, I will continue in some other facet, because still, until the day that Papa Dios retires, I will continue being Papo Rosario, the one of the Gran Combo”, he emphasized.
Due to the health problem of Rosario, Joselito Hernández has replaced him.

Rosario’s departure from El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico is the second of a group singer in the past five years, since Charlie Aponte announced his retirement after 41 years with the orchestra.
Since then, Aponte has released a couple of solo albums, “Una nueva historia” (2015) and “Pa ‘mi gente” (2018).

After the departure of Aponte, he was replaced by Anthony García, constituting then with Hernández and Jerry Rivas, the trio of singers of the legendary orchestra.

Ithier, together with the deceased saxophonist Eddie “La bala” Pérez and Roberto Roena founded El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico in 1962.
The trio organized the renowned group after breaking with the group of Rafael Cortijo and his Combo, which belonged to eight years and in which was also the late singer Ismael Rivera, better known as “El sonero mayor”. (EFEUSA)


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