The Government negotiates a multi-million dollar sanction against Facebook for privacy

The federal government has opened negotiations with Facebook to apply a multi-million-dollar penalty for its management of user privacy, according to The Washington Post.

The fine is driven by the Federal Trade Commission, a government agency responsible for ensuring the rights of consumers and free competition, which requires the social network responsibilities for the multiple scandals uncovered in recent times regarding its management of the Privacy.

The capital newspaper quoted two “sources close to the negotiations who requested anonymity”, according to which Facebook has shown “concern” before the demands of the Commission.
The sources of the Post also indicated that, for the time being, the two parties have not yet agreed on an exact amount.

In the event that an out-of-court settlement is not reached, the Federal Trade Commission could file a lawsuit against the company that Mark Zuckerberg runs.

The figures handled by the US Administration now exceed the 22.5 million taxes to Google in 2012 and therefore, if the fine materialized, would be the highest penalty ever imposed on a technology company for not respecting the privacy of users.

During the past year, Facebook was involved in numerous scandals related to its management of privacy, the most famous of them being the British consultancy Cambridge Analytica, which used an application to collect millions of data from Internet users of the platform without their consent for political purposes.

In March of last year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) confirmed that it was investigating the technology firm after leaking data from some 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica and announced that it would use “all its tools” to protect the privacy of the companies. consumers, including “coercive actions.” (EFE) .-

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