131-122. Anthony Davis is injured and Westbrook extends his triple-double mark

Night of contrasts lived in the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, where the Pelicans won by 131-122 to the Thunder of Oklahoma City, but lost by injury to starting center Anthony Davis.

While the Thunder suffered the loss that cut their streak of four straight wins, while All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook extended his series to 11 straight games in which he got a triple-double, the best record in the history of the game. NBA
Power forward Julius Randle got a double-double of 33 points and 11 rebounds and was in charge of leading the winning attack of the Pelicans, who cut a series of two consecutive defeats.

The base Jrue Holiday contributed 32 points and seven assists, the most important when in the absence of 1:30 minutes by the end of the game allowed Randle, from within the area, to score the basket that secured the advantage and the victory of the Pelicans.

Davis, who played the first part, when he retired to the locker room, grabbed his left arm after having made staff to the Thunder reserve center, Nerlens Noel, when trying to put a stopper.
When the second half began, the Pelicans announced that Davis had injured his left shoulder and would not return to action, while now his participation as a reserve of the Western Conference team in the 68th edition of the All-Star Game is not certain either. is going to play in Charlotte (North Carolina).

Davis in the 16 minutes he played contributed 14 points after scoring 5 of 10 field goals, including a triple of two attempts, and 3 of 4 from the personnel line.

In addition to capturing four defensive rebounds, he gave two assists, recovered a ball, lost two, put a stopper and pointed a foul.
Westbrook continued unstoppable with his triple-doubles to reach the eleventh in a row so far this season after contributing 44 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

But again it could not be the winning factor to miss a triple attempt when the final minute was reached and the Thunder were down five points on the scoreboard.

The All-Star shooting guard of the Thunder extended to 11 consecutive games that achieved a triple-double, which is the best record in the history of the NBA.

But the rebound of Westbrook’s failure was at the hands of the Pelicans and the New Orleans team secured the lead the rest of the way.
Forward Paul George finished second as the Thunder’s top scorer with 28 points, while Noel was the sixth player of the Thunder (37-20) to finish with 22 points and 13 rebounds, but he was only the third player on the team. from Oklahoma City who managed to finish the game with double-digit numbers.

The Thunder also dominated the offensive game within the zone with 72 points scored, but missed 34 of 44 attempts from outside the perimeter.
George missed 14 of 17 triple attempts and Westbrook scored 4 of 12 long-range shots. (USA) (EFE) .-


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