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The man who burned himself to death next to the court where Trump is being tried dies

The man who set himself on fire next to the New York courthouse where the trial for alleged bribery against President Donald Trump is taking place has died in hospital as a result of the serious burns suffered, the Police have reported.

The deceased, identified as Maxwell Azzarello and a native of Florida, was participating in a protest nearby when he advanced towards a park area, opened his backpack and began throwing pamphlets into the air related to conspiracy theories against the Government of the American president, Joe Biden.

He then doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself on fire. Although he was taken alive to a New York hospital, he finally died, according to police sources cited by NBC News. The Police have ruled out that Azzarello intended to carry out any type of attack beyond causing harm to himself.

The area was especially monitored for the trial against Trump, which has already closed a first phase with the selection of jury members. The former president

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