Second highest lottery prize in country history went to South Carolina

A sole winner, who bought a ticket in the state of South Carolina, took on Tuesday the $ 1.537 million jackpot draw Mega Millions, the second highest lottery prize in the history of the country, the company announced today. .

“The Mega Millions jackpot was finally awarded on Tuesday night, a single lucky buyer in South Carolina can claim the tremendous prize: 1,537 million (878 million in cash),” the company said in a statement posted on its website. Web.

The winning combination was: 5, 28, 62, 65 and 70. The digit of the golden ball of the Mega Ball was 5.

Due to the laws in force in the state of South Carolina, the winner of the draw may remain anonymous, contrary to what happens in other regions of the country that require that whoever wins this type of prizes make their identity public.

In addition to the only acertante, the raffle gave 36 seconds prizes whose owners will take a minimum of one million dollars per ballot.

Having not produced a winner since last July, the boat had been growing gradually to become one of the largest awards in the history of the country.

In fact, in the last few days the company managed to offer 1,600 million dollars, which would have been a historical figure, but, due to the volume of tickets sold, the final amount of the prize was reduced until finally distributed last night.

This amount is slightly lower than the 1.586 million dollars of the Powerball draw, which on January 13, 2001 distributed three winning tickets, sold in Tennessee, Florida and California, respectively.


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