Becky G: “There are many young people in this world who want to change things”


Plunging into the world of music with hits like “Mayores” is not enough for Becky G, who, in an interview with Efe before the premiere of the film “AXL”, stressed that this film contains a message of inspiration for young people, especially women, who want to transform reality.

“There are many young people in this world who want to change things, who want to make a difference, but they treat them differently, they treat them like they are children and they can not,” Becky G said in a telephone conversation.

“And I think seeing another young man like Sara (his character in the movie) or me, Becky G, is like teaching them that you can, it’s not impossible and it does not matter where you come from, how much money you have or the color of your skin, nothing, nothing of that has to do with dreams if they can fight, “he added.

As he did in “Power Rangers” (2017), his first foray into the big screen, Becky G (Los Angeles, 1997) returns to change the microphone for the set in “AXL”, action movie and science fiction which opens this weekend in the United States.

With the direction and a script by Oliver Daly, “A.X.L.” tells the story of Miles (Alex Neustaedter), a young man who competes in motocross races and who, by chance, one day finds a robot dog designed to be a fearsome combat weapon.
From the hand of Sara (Becky G), a young Latina for whom he feels a very special connection, Miles begins a friendship relationship with the robot that will take them to face many dangers and adventures.

Like Jennifer Lopez, a star she has admired since she was a child, Becky G pointed out that, apart from music, the interpretation “was always a great passion” for her.

“I was very inspired by the world of acting, and I knew that one day the opportunity would come, but it had to be a very strong story and one that made sense,” he said.

The Hispanic admitted that “Power Rangers” was “a very big production” and that, to be her film debut, it was “a lot of pressure”.

“Especially because I did not train, I did not go to drama school to learn any acting, so I was learning a little there, at the time,” he said.

That experience, however, helped a lot for the filming of “A.X.L.”
“I felt a bit more involved and it was also about having more security as an actress, to know how to make different decisions, how would Sara act if she were angry, what would she say?” She explained.

Becky G said, in addition, that the filmmaker Oliver Daly allowed him to participate in the creation of his character and that they also had a lot of room to improvise and play on the set.

The similarities between the artist and her character Sara are obvious: both come from a humble Latin family, they have clear what they want and they do not let themselves be intimidated by anyone.

“I was very emotional with this character because she was very confident, very strong, no more a pretty face, she was very intelligent and very honest, I loved that, she had that Latin flavor, that attitude,” she said.

“It fascinates me because being such a young Latina and knowing all those things, I think it’s a great inspiration with which many young people will be able to connect,” he added.

Becky G, who commented that Julia Roberts and Salma Hayek are two of her favorite actresses, pointed out that after two science fiction and action films like “Power Rangers” and “AXL”, she would like to try other genres and, in particular, He showed interest in comedy.

“It depends on the opportunities and the history, but I would love to do everything, I can not choose,” he clarified.

After the huge impact in 2017 of “Mayores”, song that YouTube accumulates 1.287 million reproductions, Becky G has continued this year on the path of success in music with “Without pajamas”, theme that shares with Natti Natasha and that adds on the same website 716 million viewings.

“I feel very fortunate of the success we have had and I am very happy that the fans are enjoying the music, I always say that I found myself as an artist with my music in Spanish, and I am very proud because it is not my first language, and obviously I’m super ‘pocha’, I can not speak perfect, but I’m very proud to have that blood inside me, “he concluded. (efeusa)


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