Governor New York criticizes Trump again and calls him “anti-American”

The New York Democratic Governor, Andrew Cuomo, called President Donald Trump “anti-American” and “King Trump” today and reiterated his accusation of being an intolerant president and of dividing the country.

According to Cuomo, Trump is anti-American because he protects white supremacists, denies basic health care rights, discriminates against a person because of his sexual orientation, closes doors for refugees, rips babies out of his mother’s arms because they want to come to this country and because it encloses children in cages.

The governor recalled, in a message in a Baptist church in Brooklyn County, that in the past there has always been someone who wanted to divide and spread fear, but, he stressed, there have always been voices that have been raised with a message of tolerance and inclusion.

Cuomo, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the September 13 primary for a third term in the governorship, also accused Trump of being blind to the pain caused by gun violence and of not respecting women, be they democrats. or republicans like him, and cited as an example the former White House employee Omarose Manigault Newman, whom she has insulted on social networks.

Trump’s America, according to Cuomo, is sexist, racist and intolerant, he said in his message in which he also recalled the wall he wants to build in the south of the country, on the border with Mexico.

“In New York we have a different vision of what this country should be.
We believe in the promise of equality and opportunities. We believe that it is not just a vision, it is not just a dream. It is a reality and it is our responsibility to work every day to make it a reality and that is what we are doing, “he said.

Cuomo went directly to Trump: “I’ve known him for 30 years, he can be a slippery salesman who has cheated a lot of people in this country, but he did not cheat me or the New Yorkers, we know who he is and we’re going to get up and tell him to this nation the truth about who he is. “

The Governor of New York has been a critic of Trump but in recent days the president has not lost the opportunity to launch accusations against Cuomo, who has also come to the step, starring exchanges of messages.

What bothered Trump, and the point of departure for the mutual accusations, was Cuomo’s criticism of the president’s motto of “let’s make America big again.”


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