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Ambassador Kalil Michel Presbot defines in Florida new concept Diplomacy in Siglo XXI

Ambassador Kalil Michel Presbot received the Declaration of “Distinguished Visitor” by the Mayor of the City of Miami and a fine gift from the Mayor of the City of Doral in a ceremony held at UNICARIBE COLLEGE in a masterful conference dictated by the high official and academic.

Miami, Florida.- The Director of Specialized Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Ambassador and Professor, Kalil Michel Presbot, masterfully outlined in Florida the historical background of the phenomenon of Diplomacy citing the most relevant historical aspects from the Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Modern Age, explaining the new concept of diplomacy until the current century, called Para-Diplomacy.

When dictating before a large and select audience the conference entitled “Para-Diplomacy: New Frontier of Global Diplomacy”, held under the auspices of UNICARIBE COLLEGE, the renowned professor pointed out different transformations that have given rise to the phenomenon of diplomacy, including the emergence of the Chancelleries since the time of Nicolás Machiavelli, who at that time (1498) served as second Secretary of the Florentine Chancellery.

Holding the attention of a public that by the pleasant and clear manner with which Ambassador Kalil Michel Presbot developed the paper, he kept attentive capturing up to his expressions in more than an hour of an excellent chair, the teacher stressed about the training periods of Diplomacy.

“In the XVII Century, in the Modern Era, the Code of Diplomatic Procedure appears in Europe for the first time. Already by the 18th Century, paradigms, political, religious and social standards were redefined, where the States had as their purpose expansion, transformation or simply their creation, “affirmed the Ambassador during the lecture that revealed his masterly oratory prize.

The Director of Specialized Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, who has been a professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain and UNIBE, referred to the diplomacy of Exchange, War, Cold War and Transformation and its evolution to finally detail about the concept of Para-Diplomacy. ”

He defined this new terminology in vogue as “referring to international relations carried out by non-central, subnational, regional or local governments, which with the consent of civil society and in the cultural, scientific, public and other framework, promote international exchange in seek their own interests. ”

“Within this phenomenon, the current borders of international contact incorporate more and more public and private factors in the obtaining of cooperation and association interests”, explaining if at any moment it could be that Para-Diplomacy replaces traditional diplomacy, since known and applied in the countries of the region. In this order, he clearly explained the classifications of regional, transregional and global microdiplomacy, based on the concepts of this terminology put into effect by Canadian professor Ivo Duchacek, the first to use it.

Dr. Gustavo Garagorry, an official of the City Hall of the City of Doral, delivers on behalf of the municipality, a fine gift as a distinction of the City to the Ambassador and Professor Kalil Michel Presbot.

Act, Mayoralties of Miami and Doral
During the educational meeting, journalist Rose Mary Santana, director of communications, who led the event, expressed gratitude on behalf of the teacher José Alejandro Aybar Martín, president of the Council and founder of the entity and Dr. Ariadna Aybar Martín de García, President of the College for having chosen the venue to address such an important educational topic in the diplomatic field and welcomed the presence of the Ambassador and Professor, the architect also Kalil Michel Presbot.

While the professor, Dr. Emperador Pérez and Pérez, also welcomed the initiative, highlighting the importance in the academic context of the conference and on behalf of the authorities of the institution, among which were the Director of Registration, the teacher Santiago Nuñez and other members of this entity.

Immediately after reading the profile of the guest of honor in charge of the journalist and sociologist Jesús Rojas, the Mayor of the City of Miami, on behalf of the Mayor Francis Suarez, delivered through Dr. José Ramón Alvarez, the Declaration of ” Distinguished Visitor “to Ambassador Kalil Michel Presbot, taking into consideration his professional work in the educational, urban, architectural and public service in his country and his representations abroad.

Similarly, Dr. Gustavo Garagorry, a senior official of the City of Doral, delivered a fine gift on behalf of the municipality to distinguish the Director of Specialized Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, who was accompanied by his wife Sara, his children, several fellow students and architects, Rodolfo R. Pou and others, after thanking the gesture of the respective Mayors, the organization of the meeting at UNICARIBE COLLEGE and its president of the Council and founder, the cooperation of the corresponding instances, including the endorsement to dictate the conference granted by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas Maldonado and his interest in the diplomatic educational framework.

The former Dominican Consul in Florida, Oscar Amaury Ríos, led a large delegation of diplomats present at the event, as well as the Vice Consul of Mexico, Lizzy Azuara Herrera, among other diplomats, representatives of local media such as Venice Myrant of El Nuevo Herald, Angie Denis of Hello People TV Magazine of the Dominican Republic and personalities attending the event organized with the endorsement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean country, support of the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Florida, highlighting the cooperation of the vice-consul Soulangel Santana and the City of Miami Commissioner, Willy Gorth.

The chart shows the moment when the Mayor of the City of Miami declares Ambassador Kalil Michel Presbot, Director of Specialized Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, “Distinguished Visitor”. Receive the corresponding parchment from the hands of Dr. José Ramón Alvarez, representative of the Mayor Francis Suarez.

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