Segura and Zunino send the ball to the street for the Mariners

Dominican shortstop Jean Segura and catcher Mike Zunino hit home runs for the Seattle Mariners, who beat the Red Sox 7-6.

Segura (6) blew the whistle in the first episode against starter Rick Porcello, with no teammates ahead, when there was one out in the inning.
Zunino (11) did it in the seventh inning, lonely.

The victory was won by reliever Ryan Cook (1-0) in one episode, he accepted unstoppable, gave two passports and struck out one.

Puerto Rican closer Edwin Diaz (26) scored a save by throwing an inning, allowed unstoppable, gave a base and struck out one.

The defeat was closed by closer Matt Barnes (0-2) in one inning, accepting two hits and two runs.


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