Google will allow to put “expiration date” to emails

Google will allow to put “expiration date” to the emails that are sent from its new version of Gmail, which as of today will be available in tests for its 1.400 million users worldwide.

“A new confidential mode allows you to control how your message is forwarded, copied, downloaded or printed, which is useful when you have to send sensitive information,” the California firm said in a statement.

Within that mode, there is an “option to make a message expire after a set period of time to help you maintain control of your information,” Google added.

According to The Verge portal, Gmail product manager, Jacob Bank, the redesign seeks to improve productivity and user safety and uses integrated rights management (IRM) and two-factor authentication. (2FA).

However, Bank indicated to that portal that the confidential mode will be available “in the coming weeks”, unlike the rest of the version’s functionalities.

Through its new appearance, Gmail will make it easier to open attachments and photos from the inbox without having to access conversations.

According to the manual of novelties, you can also archive, delete, mark as read or not read an email without opening it, and there will be a repeat button to postpone reading it at another convenient time.

Also, the new version includes alerts to follow up on messages received several days ago, so that high-priority ones issue notifications, or to identify potentially dangerous ones.

“We have dramatically increased our investment in the protection of phishing (cybercrime),” Bank said about the latter function, which will color red messages with the risk of being fraudulent and accompany them with warnings.

To prevent emails from accumulating, Gmail will also begin to suggest when to cancel subscriptions to newsletters or offers, noting the last time messages were opened.

Other novelties are the implementation of the “intelligent response”, which allows selecting standard phrases to quickly respond to a message, and the possibility of opening applications such as Calendar, Keep or Tasks within Gmail, in a sidebar.

To test the new version, users must operate Gmail in the browser and select that option by clicking on the configuration icon, Google said, which will allow return to “classic” mail if they wish.


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