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The president of Harvard University announces her resignation after being accused of anti-Semitism and plagiarism

The president of Harvard University, Claudine Gay, has announced that she will resign from her position after being involved in accusations of anti-Semitism and plagiarism, according to the educational center’s newspaper and reported by CNN.

Gay’s resignation, just six months and two days after assuming the Presidency, comes amid growing accusations of plagiarism in her academic work and ambiguous statements on issues related to anti-Semitism at a Congress on December 5.

In her resignation letter, Gay has addressed the mounting accusations of plagiarism she faces and her recent reaction to her testimony during a House hearing on anti-Semitism in Congress.

“In the midst of all this, it has been distressing that my commitments to confront hate and uphold academic rigor, two fundamental values that are fundamental to who I am, have been called into question,” Gay wrote, according to CNN.

It will be Harvard’s academic director Alan M. Garber who will assume the Presidency on an interim basis, as announced by the university corporation.

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