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Putin affirms in his farewell to the year that Russia will be “even stronger” in 2024

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has assured that his country will be “even stronger” during the year 2024 and has celebrated the work of the soldiers participating in the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

As several Russian cities have announced they are canceling festivities in solidarity with the Belgorod attack, Putin has addressed the country with a direct message to military personnel and those on combat duty and at the forefront of the fight for truth and justice. “.

“You are our heroes,” said the leader, as reported by Europa Press from various media outlets in the Russian country. “We have proven more than once that we can solve the most difficult problems and we will never turn back,” he added.

“There is no force that can divide us, make us lose the memory and faith of our parents and stop our development. We are a country, a great family and we will guarantee the safe development of the country, the well-being of our citizens,” he continued.

“We will be even stronger. We are together and this is the most reliable guarantee of Russia’s future,” Putin concluded in a recorded message from the Kremlin.

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