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Federal prosecutors accuse Senator Bob Menendez of receiving bribes from Qatar

US federal prosecutors on Tuesday accused Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of receiving bribes from Qatar, adding to previous accusations of bribery to benefit the Government of Egypt.

Thus, prosecutors have presented a document in which they claim that Menendez had allegedly accepted tickets for car races and other gifts from Doha and that said bribery and extortion scheme occurred until 2023, as reported by the American television network CNN.

The Democratic senator would have accepted payments from New Jersey real estate developer Fred Daibes in exchange for helping him obtain millions of dollars from a Qatari investment fund, a country that he would also have helped. Both he and his wife, Nadine Menendez, as well as Daibes and two other businessmen, were charged last year in this case, although they all pleaded not guilty.

“At all times, Senator Menendez acted entirely appropriately with respect to Qatar, Egypt and many other countries with which he routinely interacts. Those interactions were always based on his professional judgment as to the best interests of the United States because he is “This latest indictment only exposes the lengths to which these hostile prosecutors will go to poison the public,” Menendez’s attorney, Adam Fee, said in a statement.

In October, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez pleaded not guilty to three charges of allegedly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and using his influence to favor New Jersey businessmen and the Egyptian government.

Wael Hana, the fifth person involved in the plot, and Nadine organized meetings with Menendez and Egyptian officials to facilitate the sale of military material, taking advantage of the Democrat’s position as president of the Foreign Committee of the United States Senate.

Menendez, 69, is also accused of accepting bribes, such as a luxury car or gold bars, in exchange for pressuring a New Jersey prosecutor who had an open investigation against two like-minded businessmen.

The Democratic senator resigned from the same position in 2015 after being accused in New Jersey of having accepted bribes from a Florida doctor, a case that led to a mistrial due to the lack of a unanimous verdict by the jury.

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