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Biden calls for more forceful measures against the “epidemic” of weapons after the latest shootings

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has lamented the new “wave of tragic and senseless shootings” that the country is suffering and has demanded stronger measures from political leaders to contain what he does not hesitate to describe as an “epidemic”, as they could be banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines or making criminal records universal.

Biden has demanded a “significant” and “common sense” reform from Congress, using the state of Illionis as an example, which has already adopted some of the measures proposed at the federal level by the tenant of the White House. Precisely this Tuesday marks the first anniversary of a shooting with seven dead that occurred during a parade for Independence Day, which the United States commemorates every 4th of July.

The US president has expressed his condolences in a statement for the victims of the latest shootings, including one perpetrated on Monday in Philadelphia that resulted in five fatalities, and has called for steps towards a country “without gun violence.” “As we have seen in recent days, much remains to be done,” he pointed out.

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