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A nine-year-old boy dies after crossing the US border due to high temperatures

A nine-year-old migrant child has died after suffering a series of medical complications due to the high temperatures registered in the state of Arizona after crossing the border between Mexico and the United States.

The US Border Guard has indicated that the minor, who was traveling in mid-June with his mother and his brother, began to suffer seizures as temperatures touched 40ºC in the area.

Santa Cruz County authorities have confirmed that the mother of the deceased minor called 911, which sent several teams after locating the family using GPS location.

The child was transferred to the Sahuarita Northwest Medical Center, a town in Arizona. The following day he was transferred by medicalized plane to another hospital, where a multi-organ failure was detected, according to what medical sources have indicated to the CNN television network.

All of them had spent an hour and a half without drinking liquids, a case that is repeated along the border, where Border Guard agents have had to rescue more than 5,000 migrants affected by high temperatures along this anus. According to government sources, 103 have died due to heat exposure in the same time period.

The Border Guard has made an appeal to avoid crossing the border illegally. “The Arizona territory is extreme and the heat in summer is very strong. You have to cross a vast desert,” a spokesman said.

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