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Republican candidate Chris Christie accuses Trump of wanting to be “America’s Putin”

The former governor of New Jersey and candidate for the Republican Party primaries, Chris Christie, has warned that the former president of the United States and also a candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, would like to be able to take on a role like that of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in the country.

“I think we see a pretty consistent pattern of him wishing he was a dictator, wishing he could be Putin in America. That’s what’s dark to me. That’s what he really wants. He wants to be a dictator,” Christie warned during an interview. for ‘Financial Times’.

Likewise, the former governor of New Jersey has warned that, if it were up to Trump, he would “hand over Ukraine to the Russians.” In fact, the former president has on occasion been in favor of kyiv giving up Crimea and Donbas as a solution to the conflict in Eastern Europe.

Former President Trump maintained a good relationship with Putin during his tenure, whom he has even come to classify as a “friend.” In addition, he has established himself as the necessary mediator to put an end to a conflict that has lasted for more than 16 months, but which he guarantees that he could settle with just one phone call.

Christie confirmed in early June his participation in the Republican Party primary elections, where he will compete with other prominent figures in the country such as Trump himself; the one who was his vice president, Mike Pence; or the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

Polls place Trump as the favorite candidate to represent Republican interests in the November 2024 presidential elections with DeSantis as the main rival. Christie, however, is given just 3 percent of the Republican vote in the polls.

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