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More than 660 detainees in the protests in France after the death of a young man from the police

The French government confirms that about 250 police have been injured by light during the last night

At least 667 people have been arrested in France on Thursday night in the frame the streets of the country.

The French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, has reported the number of arrests first of the morning, while added that security forces agents have “faced with courage to rare violence.”

Hours before, the minister’s team had indicated that there were 421 arrests, of which at least 242 have taken place in the Paris region. In addition, most are between 14 and 18 years old. “These record arrests reflect the firmness instructions given by the minister,” said Darmanin’s close source to the newspaper ‘Le Figaro’.

Darmanin has “given systematic intervention instructions to the Police” and has shown his support for the country’s security forces “who are doing a brave work,” as he has reported about midnight through his profile on the Twitter social network.

On the other hand, the French Interior Ministry has indicated that around 250 police have been injured as slightly during the incidents recorded this last night, as the French newspaper ‘Libération’ has collected.

Likewise, the Prime Minister of France, Elizabeth Borne, has confirmed a meeting at her official residence in Matignon to address “the violence and excesses of the last night.” “The acts committed are unbearable and inexcusable.”

“Transfer my support and confidence renewed to the police, gendarmes and firefighters who carry out their mission with courage,” Borne said through a message on their Twitter account.

Thousands of people have concentrated this Thursday in Nanterre to protest the death of the young Nahel, who was shot at the interception of his vehicle, on a day in which the French government has announced the deployment of 40,000 police and gendarmes and gendarmes to contain violence in France.

The so -called ‘White March’, convened by the young man’s mother, paraded through the streets of Nanterre until ending in the courts, where shortly before the city prosecutor, Pascal Prache, has determined that the agent involved in the case must remain in Provisional imprisonment as a suspicious of a crime of homicide. Nahel’s funeral will take place this Saturday in Nanterre.

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