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ADSO and ROYALLIVE gamble with their emotions and rhythms in their new EP “LA RULETA”

Both artists assigned a different number to each song, based on the story behind them

Miami, FL.– From the moment they met, the connection between the two artists occurred organically just like the songs that are included in their new EP. In a similar fashion, Venezuelan artist ADSO joined forces with RoyalLive to launch a musical project combining the best of both them. “La Ruleta” is the title of their new production created by ADSO, RoyalLiveand producer John David Correa aka “Animal”. With a fresh and different sound compared to what they have done before, “La Ruleta” is now available on all digital music platforms.

For the concept of this project, “La Ruleta” or “The Roulette” was used as a metaphor for life where each track represents a different human emotion. Similar to a game of roulette at a casino, life is imperative like a game of chance, and it can take us through emotional ups and downs. Following this notion, the EP features a track for such situations, hence representing the emotional journey of living life with uncertainty.

“La Ruleta” includes seven songs that were created by ADSO and Royal when they first got together at the recording studio. “With this EP, we created the hybrid Adso Royal. It’s a sound so different from what we are used to, and we have dedicated the best of ourselves to it. It’s the freshest sound that we have developed over time,” expressed the artists assuring that this was the project that developed their friendship.

Creating a one-of-a-kind project, ADSO and Royal assigned a number to each song according to the story behind it, thus forming a roulette wheel.

As a preamble to the release of the EP, last month they released the first single “Conexión,” which was assigned the number 1 since they both consider that a ‘connection’ is the first thing that should exist between two people. The EP also includes the track “24/7” represented by the number 8 which backwards represents infinity and is precisely what the track talks about: being there for someone 24/7 or at all times. In addition, “Algo en tí” was assigned number 11, a mysterious symbol that is related to love, passion and romance.

The track “Esa Noche” is represented by the number 13 seeing as the song talks about bad luck in love. “Mi Lado Tóxico” takes number 2 as it represents the hidden side of people and second chances. Finally, the EP includes the explosive tracks “Tendencia” and “Por Tu Bloque” represented by the number 21 and the number 7 respectively. 

Tracklist for “La Ruleta”:

1. Conexión

2. Mi lado tóxico

7. Por tu bloque 

8. 24/7

11. Algo en ti 

13. Esa Noche 

21. Tendencia

Watch “Algo en Ti” Music Video Here:

From Venezuela to the world! Currently, ADSO, has more than 160 million combined streams on all his digital platforms and is considered one of the most versatile artists in Latin music with a major year in music projected for 2023. After beginning his career in trap and having propelled the urban movement in his native country since 2017 together with his colleagues Micro TDH, Big Soto, Trainer and Jeeiph, he has achieved great success on digital platforms and on social media with his singles “Como Si Nada,” “Vámonos” with Kiko El Crazy, “11:20” with Colombian artists Natan & Shander, “365” with RoyalLive, “Chapulín,” and many more.

On his end, RoyalLive is an artist hailing from La Guaira, Venezuela. At the age of 22, he has become one of the most outstanding emerging artists of his country. Although his strength is reggaeton, over time he has shown that he has the ability to work with any rhythm.

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