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US federal agencies hacked

Several US federal agencies have been hacked as part of a global cyberattack by a network of hackers who have managed to infiltrate software used by companies around the world to transfer sensitive files.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has indicated this Thursday that it is already working with the affected agencies “to understand the impact” of the attack against the MOVEIt program, which is used to transfer sensitive files, such as details about bank accounts, it has reported the CNN network.

Last week, both CISA and the FBI issued a warning that CLOP, a Russian hacker network, was already behind the bugs in the program and managed to steal files from at least 47 organizations, demanding payment in exchange for not publish the data.

However, the federal agency specialized in cyber-espionage has not directly identified CLOP as responsible and it is not known at the moment who is behind the attack or if it is related to the massive cyber-attacks that have occurred in recent weeks, which have affected dozens of businesses and companies from around the world, such as British Airways or the BBC.

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