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Protests in the United States after the publication of the video showing the death of Tire Nichols

Numerous protests have taken place this Friday throughout the United States after the authorities in Memphis, in the state of Tennessee, made public the video that shows the attack of five former police officers on Tire Nichols, a 29-year-old African-American who died last 10 January for the injuries caused by the agents.

The cities of Chicago, Memphis or New York have welcomed protesters against police violence, after the death of the young African-American Nichols in a confrontation with five uniformed officers.

According to the media ‘USA Today’, even with temperatures below zero and shouting “the murderous policemen must leave”, hundreds of protesters have gone to a Police station in Chicago, during one of the first protests that have arisen following the video revelations of the beating of Nichols.

In New York, protesters have flocked to Union Square, Grand Central as well as Times Square, where the protests have been most violent. Protesters have hit several police vehicles and several arrests have been made.

According to the ‘New York Post’, at least three people have been handcuffed after confronting the agents.

Several demonstrations are expected to be held throughout the United States throughout this weekend.

The video, revealed by the Memphis Police, shows five officers, also African-American, beating the young man with a baton and electrocuting him with a taser.

The five agents have been prosecuted for the alleged commission of a crime of murder for the beating they gave to Tire Nichols, who died three days after the confrontation from the injuries caused by the five former police officers.

For his part, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has expressed being “deeply hurt” upon seeing the video showing the death of Tire Nichols. “I was outraged and deeply hurt when I saw the horrible video of the beating that caused the death of Nichols,” the president said.

The trial against the five former police officers comes amid the social debate about police violence against black people, particularly since the murder by police officers of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020, after which the well-known protest movement was born. like ‘Black Lives Matter’.

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