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Ronna McDaniel revalidates a new term as head of the National Committee of the US Republican Party

Ronna McDaniel was re-elected this past Friday for a fourth term as head of the National Committee of the US Republican Party (RNC), the executive body of the main opposition party in the country, at a delicate moment for the formation, fresh out of a harsh internal conflict for the leadership of the lower house of Congress and at the beginning of the race for the White House elections in 2024.

“It’s time for our party to come together and rededicate themselves to getting Republicans elected at the polls so that Joe Biden is a one-term president,” McDaniel said during his acceptance speech, picked up by ABC. .

McDaniel has achieved a comfortable victory by collecting 111 votes, almost thirty more than the 84 she needed to guarantee her victory, compared to the 51 collected by the prosecutor and former vice president of the Republican party for California Harmeet Dhillon.

Party sources, however, have qualified that this victory has probably been less extensive than McDaniel expected, “a sign of the deep desire that exists within the party for the committee to make important changes in its way of acting” after the disappointing.

During the campaign, Dhillon accused the party of “wasting” millions of dollars on “consultants who don’t produce results” and wasting “clear, concise messages.”

“We have failed to address basic, critical components of winning elections. And until we get these things right, I don’t know if the donors, the voters, or the candidates are going to have confidence in the party, and that’s terrible, because the RNC plays a fundamental role in our elections,” he warned.

The shadow of the former president and presidential candidate for 2024, Donald Trump, has also hovered over the vote with a new defeat for the tycoon’s aspirations, having been defeated by his candidates for co-chairman and treasurer of the committee, Michael Whatley and Joe Gruters, respectively.

In addition, committee members also passed a resolution opposing “all forms of anti-Semitism, anti-Semitic statements, and any anti-Semitic elements seeking to infiltrate the Republican Party” before disowning white supremacist Nick Fuentes and rapper Kanye West by name. , who dined with Trump in November at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida, property.

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