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Trump begins his campaign for the White House “angrier and more committed than ever”

Former Republican President Donald Trump has begun his campaign for the presidency at the White House with a visit this Saturday to the state of New Hampshire where he has stated that he is “more angry and committed than ever.”

The former president has attended the annual meeting of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee in Salem, before heading to South Carolina to begin the first campaign events since announcing his candidacy for re-election almost three months ago, in the middle of the elections. controversy over the discovery of classified documents at his home and the loss of support from Republicans.

“They (the media) said, ‘He’s not holding rallies! He does not campaign! Perhaps he has missed that step. Now I am angrier and more committed than ever,” the Republican leader snapped.

In addition, during the meeting, Trump has also criticized the Democratic Party for its attempt to change the calendar of the primaries and make New Hampshire not maintain “that precious status” of first place.

“From the beginning, I have strongly defended the status of New Hampshire as first in the nation’s primaries,” Trump said, according to the newspaper ‘The Hill’.

This controversy takes place after a group of experts from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) decided last month that South Carolina be the first state to vote on the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy calendar, ahead of the states of Iowa and New Hampshire, an initiative that has been supported by the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

In New Hampshire, the Republican leader has also promoted a new initiative to eliminate federal funding from educational institutions that “advance critical race theory or left-wing gender ideology,” according to CNN. In addition, Trump has proposed that parents choose school principals.

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