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Schiff believes that Trump’s actions “fit quite a bit” under the crime of insurrection

The chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Adam Schiff, has affirmed this Sunday that the actions of former President Donald Trump during the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 “quite fit” with the description of the crime of insurrection typified in US law.

“He is someone who tried in multiple ways to pressure public officials to seek votes that do not exist,” Schiff told CNN. “He is someone who tried to interfere in a joint session (of Congress) and even incited a mob to attack the Capitol. If that is not criminally punishable, I don’t know what is,” he argued.

Schiff is one of the six Democrats who, together with two other congressmen, make up the special committee of the House of Representatives investigating the assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters during the protocol confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory in the November elections. 2020.

The commission will vote this Monday in a final public session on the presentation of criminal charges based on a long investigation and everything indicates that it will be asked to charge Trump with the crimes of insurrection, obstruction of an official procedure and conspiracy to deceive the State.

The petition will then be transferred to the Justice Department, which is also investigating Trump for his involvement in those incidents, which resulted in the deaths of five people. Four more committed suicide after the events.

Schiff has explained that criminal charges will not be filed for all individuals for whom evidence has been found, but will focus on those for whom they have the most and strongest evidence.

When it comes to Trump, he believes he “broke multiple criminal laws” and “should be treated like any other American who breaks the law and should be prosecuted.”

“If you study the acts of Donald Trump and compare them with what is classified (on the crime of insurrection), they fit quite well (…). I think that this crime has not been used for a long time, but when have we had a president who has basically incited to attack his own government?” he argued. Until now, the crime of insurrection has not been charged against any of those accused of the assault on the Capitol.

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