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This is how the artistic world said goodbye to Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés

After the death of the Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés was announced, which occurred at dawn on November 22 in Madrid at the age of 77, the artistic community fired him through social networks.

Milanés was an inspiration for many other artists, not only in terms of music, since he recorded more than 40 albums, but also because of his political stance, since he was a critic of the Cuban dictatorship, which is why his death has been dismaying for many. .

“Rest in peace one of the greatest musicians, composers and singers in the history of music #pablomilanes”, wrote the Mexican actor Alejando Tomasi, while Eugenia León expressed: “Pablo Milanés has left, an essential voice for Latin America . Pablito so dear, have a good trip… #PabloMilanés #Cuba”.

The Mexican singer Lucero also expressed her condolences “Sorry for the departure of a very great person. DEAR PABLO, may heaven receive you singing and with the joy of your songs that remain in eternity and in our hearts. Light for you on this your journey. Rest in peace Pablo Milanés”.

“A great composer, wonderful singer and extraordinary friend left: Pablo Milanés. PABLO MILANÉS, like that, with capital letters. We will miss you dear Pablo. Have a good trip. I will hug you and sing to you always. The first love ”, shared Tania Libertad.

Carlos Cuevas, for his part, wrote: “RIP. The great Pablo Milanes. Founder of Nueva Trova Vubana and a benchmark in Cuban and international music of the 20th century.

“I am very sorry for the loss of the great Pablo Milanés. My condolences to his family and his public. I dedicate with great respect the interpretation that I did of In what quiet way”, said the actress and singer Regina Orozco.
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