CONANI and UNIBE sign inter-agency collaboration agreement


    The National Council for Children and Adolescents
    (CONANI) signs a collaboration agreement with the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE),
    for the creation of joint projects in the areas of education, psychology, law and
    This strategic alliance is carried out with the objective of contributing to the strengthening of both
    entities, for the implementation of various training programs for the benefit of
    collaborators of the technical area of ​​the governing body, as well as the realization of internships and works
    research by UNIBE students.
    The agreement also contemplates: prevention and dental intervention, required by the
    boys, girls and adolescents who are under protection in the Hogares de Paso or
    Nonprofit Associations; the design of the Manual of Intervention in Crisis and Norms of
    Coexistence by the team of the school of psychology of the higher education center;
    carry out the coordination and direction for the development of service programs
    community and social responsibility, in which students from careers in
    psychology, education and law in different municipalities and regions defined by CONANI,
    among other actions.
    The signing ceremony was headed by the executive president of CONANI, Dr. Luisa Ovando de
    Sánchez and her executive director, Lic. Alexandra Santelises Joaquín, together with the rector of UNIBE,
    Lic. Odile Camilo Vincent.
    The meeting was also attended by Rafael Jiménez, in charge of inter-institutional relations and
    Altagracia Ortiz, in charge of the coordination and technical support department of the governing body and
    on behalf of Unibe, Mr. Peter Wannemaeker, coordinator of the Specialized Unit for Children,
    Girls and Adolescents in Situations of Violence; Marien De Moya, in charge of linking
    Unibe; Aída Mencía Ripley, vice-rector for research and innovation, and Loraine Amell Bogaert,
    vice-rector for links and internationalization, among other authorities.
    “This alliance seeks to deploy the greatest efforts for the benefit of children and
    adolescents in Dominican territory and UNIBE students, through different
    actions that strengthen both institutions,” said the executive president of Conani, Dr.
    Luisa Ovando.
    On her part, Alexandra Santelises, executive director of the governing body, declared that “for Conani,
    this agreement is paramount. Public management needs partners, we cannot do it alone; the
    The agenda is arduous, it is complex and, therefore, it does not expect alliances with key entities such as Unibe,
    They are fundamental”.
    Lic. Odile Camilo Vincent, rector of UNIBE, affirmed: “This specific agreement is one of
    the different ways that Unibe has planned, to support them in their management. we have the same
    values, principles and dreams for our country, therefore, our doors will always be open
    to collaboration”.
    The National Council for Children and Adolescents and the Universidad Iberoamericana have
    a history of collaboration, ratified in a first agreement, signed on June 18 of the year
    CONANI is the governing body of the National System for the Protection of Children’s Rights
    and Adolescence, through Law 136-03.
    The Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), founded in 1982, is a private university
    coed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


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