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People’s Force demands response plan for flood victims

The Fuerza del Pueblo party expressed concern about the floods that affected residents of Greater Santo Domingo, as a result of the rains this Friday, and demanded that the government present a response plan for the victims.

The president of the FP expressed his concern this Friday night and described the floods that affected the residents of Greater Santo Domingo as a “terrible situation”.

The former president, who during his periods of government had to face several natural phenomena and was able to give an immediate response to the Dominicans, expressed his solidarity with the families of the fatalities this Friday, and “with all the people, origins and belongings have been anegadas”, according to a message posted on his twitter account.

In addition, in a statement released by the People’s Force, the president of the opposition organization demanded that the government present “a response plan for the victims of the floods” that can minimize the damage caused and allow the city ​​back to normal.

He said that today we have one more example of government improvisation, which showed that these rains took thousands of citizens by surprise, causing the collapse of transportation routes, including the Santo Domingo Metro.

The president of the FP refers in the statement that with the impact on the country of Hurricane Fiona last September, the current government evidenced the lack of foresight and planning in the face of these phenomena and with the rains this Friday, “they once again show that their The main strength is improvisation.

Different personalities of the country, communicators and opinion makers have identified with what was exposed by Leonel Fernández, among them the communicator Alfredo Freites, who expressed the following on his twitter social network account: “the lack of management of this government leaves defenseless to the citizens”.

Social networks are full of complaints from citizens who helplessly observe how what they have managed to acquire with much effort and sacrifice, the floods caused by the rains destroy it.

Homes, furniture, small businesses and vehicles were destroyed by the heavy flooding produced this Friday by the torrential downpours that affected the National District and Greater Santo Domingo.

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