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Shakira’s nice gesture with Gerard Piqué on the day of his retirement from Barcelona

The last few months have been the most difficult in Gerard Piqué’s life, both personally and professionally. Putting aside his breakup with Shakira and everything that this has brought with it, this Saturday, the footballer lived a moment full of emotion.

The athlete played his last game with his beloved team, Barcelona, ​​his dream since he was a child and the place where he has achieved so much success.

His farewell from the field, his teammates and his followers was marked by tears, by nostalgia and also by the pride of a job well done. Piqué broke down in front of the ‘culés’ who applauded him and thanked him for his work as a defense.

But, without a doubt, one of his most special moments had to do with Shakira. The singer was not there physically, but in another sense that she filled this farewell with her with tenderness, joy and, above all, a lot of love.

“Sometimes to want is to let go,” the Barsa defender said sadly.

Some words that for some had a double meaning and can be applied to his work and his personal life. But, what was that special gesture that the Colombian had with the father of her children, Milan and Sasha? A picture is worth a thousand words.

His little ones were next to him dressed in Barcelona kit, playing, laughing and cheering him on. Shakira has had no problem accompanying her ex at this significant moment.

To one side were the possible quarrels to give way to the affection and respect with which they formed her family for more than a decade.

Despite his sadness, Piqué also smiled when he hit the ball with his children, heard the fans yell at him and hugged his teammates.

“It was time to give ourselves space, a little air, and I am convinced that in the future I will be here again,” he added while the attendees shouted “President!”

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