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Thirty public investment projects approved in August, reports Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development reports that in August 2022, 30 public investment projects were approved for a cumulative total of 338 projects between January and August, registering a growth of 77.9% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The report “Public investment in data (DatoSNIP)” corresponding to August 2022 indicates that the total cost of the projects approved during that month was RD$45,374.9 million, for an accumulated figure of RD$178,306.5 million for the year, the highest in recent years. five years.

The publication, prepared by the General Directorate of Public Investment, explains that 60.9% of the projects approved between January and August correspond to the central government (206 projects), followed by 19.8% by municipal governments (67 projects) and 17.1% of the companies (58 projects). Similarly, the highest cost is for central government projects amounting to RD$161,082.7 million (90.3% of the total approved in January and August).

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