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These are Abinader’s recommendations to the OAS to face the crisis in Haiti

President Luis Abinader thought this Thursday, during his speech before the members of the Permanent Session of the Organization of American States (OAS), that Haiti is facing a “ A low intensity civil war.

The president makes sure that international cooperation is necessary to face the crisis that the neighboring country has been facing for some time and that has recently increased due to a reduced increase in fuel prices.

In this sense, Abinader offered a series of recommendations to the OAS with which he foresees an improvement in the conditions of said country.

First of all, he said that there is an urgent need to redouble efforts to improve the security of various infrastructures, such as ports and airports.

“The Dominican Republic has accompanied this interest and has supported all the initiatives that the Inter-American Committee on Ports has conceived to materialize this objective. So far, very little has been achieved.
In addition, Abinader is surprised that the OAS should assist Haiti in the creation of mechanisms and capacities related to the control of weapons and ammunition that reach criminal organizations.

The president requested that the training, training and controlled supply of the Haitian National Police forces be coordinated with the UN and member countries. Also, he assured that it is necessary to organize an electoral process that brings with it authorities with “leadership, legitimacy and popular support”, in as many security conditions as possible.

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