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EVIANCX, a new digital exchange house that seeks to revolutionize cryptocurrencies

The paradisiacal setting of Punta Cana was the place chosen for the launch of the new EVIANCX digital exchange house that aims to revolutionize cryptocurrency worldwide due to its high levels of security and reliability.

EVIANCX promises the user total control of their assets to carry out all types of financial transactions, as well as the most efficient operations with the different digital tools that it makes available to them, in order to motorize a mobility of transactions that encourage the money work for the user rather than the user work for money.

Its promoters have indicated that one of EVANCX’s priorities is security, since, as they say, it is the most expeditious way to guarantee the reliability of the service offered by this financial platform.

They assured that one of the main advantages is that they have a cold wallet within the same application, to keep the assets of the users much safer since they have a much more “friendly” and dynamic system than what exists in the market.

The name EVIANCX comes from the combination of the Anglo-Saxon words “Evidence” and “Finance”, thus seeking to have a robust brand, which in its very concept expresses its vocation oriented to financial service while denoting security, control and innovation for the user. .

During the launch meeting of the digital exchange house, its representatives Victor Sandoval, Gerard Friend, Christopher Dolan, Noe Torres, Christian Cousin, Zhi Jie Cruz, Pablo Valdez, Scarlett Almonte, Amy Sidoryk, Gamila Henriquez, as well as friends were present. and special guests who can willingly enjoy the innovative environment created for such a beloved launch.

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