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PRD spokesperson in the Chamber of Deputies says it was a mistake to approve the Forfeiture Law in the Senate

The deputy Fior Daliza Peguero waited as a mistake for the approval in two consecutive readings of the bill of domain extinction in the Senate of the Republic.

The spokesperson for the deputies of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) stated that this bill should not be approved in the Chamber of Deputies, because it has flaws and is riddled with inaccuracies.

“As deputies we must correct this error and it is everyone’s responsibility, understanding that we must work to clear the name of Congress. We understand that the approval of such an accelerated law is useless, without a consensus without listening to the factual sectors of society. A law that we all know, that in the way that it will be produced will not be applied,” said the congresswoman.

She added that legislators must honor their work in accordance with the constitution and the laws of the country.

“This is not about political parties, it is about the responsibility that legislators have to act according to what the constitution mandates,” she said Peguero.

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