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The Government continues to take firm steps to strengthen Samaná’s tourist offer.

President Abinader and Minister Collado presented the Malecón Project and inaugurated a new hotel in Santa Bárbara.
President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, led the presentation ceremony of the so-called Malecón Project, which seeks to add value to the tourism proposal of this province and have a favorable impact on the community of the main municipality.
The project, which will cost RD$449,000,000, aims to improve the stormwater drainage conditions of the Santa Bárbara boardwalk, by increasing the capacities of the conduits that connect the town’s river and the Panchita ravine with the ocean.
The river of the town and the Panchita ravine are the main bodies that transport the pluvial waters of the municipality.
Both President Abinader and Minister Collado highlighted the importance of the work, which will have a direct impact on the main municipality and will give a major redo to the colorful Santa Bárbara boardwalk.
The president said that the entire renovation process of the Santa Bárbara boardwalk will give a great boost to tourism, which will have a direct impact on the economy of the municipality and the entire province of Samaná.
He revealed that, to date, in this month of June, the Dominican Republic has received 534,668 visitors, which represents a growth of nine percent more than the same month of 2019 and 51 percent of 2020.
Minister Collado revealed that in the tourism sector alone, the government has made investments of more than one billion pesos in the province of Samaná, in its effort to strengthen the development of the sector throughout the area.
“Today we are here attending to an old claim of this municipality of Santa Bárbara and leaving a clear message that we will spare no effort to ensure that this tourist destination reaches its highest level,” said Minister Collado.
With this intervention, it will be possible to improve the drainage conditions, by replacing three (3) existing Rib-Loc pipes of 60″ in diameter, by the construction of a multiple culvert of six (6) rectangular reinforced concrete channels of 4.30 m wide and 1.65 m high, which will increase the capacity to conduct water from 20.31 m3/s to 107.70 m3/s, 5.3 times the current capacity.
Other important works include the construction of a double section concrete box culvert, approximately 150 m long, which will connect the Panchita ravine, from Rosa Duarte street to the boardwalk.
Six more units of pipes will also be replaced by concrete sewers, in order to increase discharge capacity.
In addition, of the works cited, the sanitation of more than 500 linear meters of the town’s river and the Panchita ravine stands out, which will consist of the removal of sludge, solid waste and sediment, reprofiling of the sections and embedding of some sections, to widen the sections of the channels and improve the conduction of the waters.
To avoid the impact of solid waste on the coast when it rains, two traps or roughing structures will be built to retain or intercept the waste before it reaches the coast.
A 10,000 m2 dredging will also be carried out along approximately 200 linear meters of coastline in order to remove sediments accumulated by trawling and improve stormwater discharges into the ocean.
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