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Third edition of the Exporting Company Award LAFISE-ADOEXPO 2022

The LAFISE-ADOEXPO 2022 Exporting Company Award celebrated its third edition as a recognition granted by Banco LAFISE and the Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO). This award arises as an initiative of both institutions in order to promote and boost exports of goods and services to Central American countries. On this occasion, the award recognized the company Laboratorio Rowe after meeting the evaluation criteria of the contest, thanks to its participation in trade with Central America. Edgar del Toro, general manager of Banco LAFISE highlighted “The solidity, support and commitment that the LAFISE Group represents in the region, providing solutions without borders, allows connecting markets and their businesses, in order to promote the growth of communities where we work, providing innovative services, with a high quality standard, with agile, robust and safe solutions for our clients. Therefore, we make this recognition because we believe in Dominican companies and their potential to generate synergies, identify new opportunities that allow them a greater presence in Central American countries, for which BANCO LAFISE offers a bridge of possibilities to develop networking and growth vehicles. of their businesses” Likewise, after thanking the support and effort of Banco LAFISE to the export sector and the strategic alliance with ADOEXPO, Elizabeth Mena, president of its Board of Directors, highlighted “Total exports to Central America, in the period January-March 2022 amount to US$82,732,993.85, exhibiting a growth of 35.63% compared to January-March 2021, a growth of 94.2% compared to the same period in 2020 and a growth of 125.2% compared to the same period in 2019, the year before the pandemic. In the year 2021, exports to this region had a growth of 55.36% compared to 2020, and a growth of 70.01% compared to 2019.” Mena expressed that, with public-private synergies, exports to Central America can increase more and more “We have the great mission ahead of us to make our exportable offer more innovative, more diversified and more competitive in this region, from the Dominican Association of Exporters, we will continue to work decisively in order to continue bringing the best of what we have around the world.” Banco LAFISE, based on its pillar of client to the center, seeking to generate memorable experiences, together with the recognition of the winning company, will be giving the opportunity to visit the country of destination of its exports in Central America together with a representative of the Bank, where you will be able to share of 1:1 meetings with peers in addition to having business rounds with the aim that it can further increase its exports to that market. Within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO), Banco LAFISE presented a commemorative plaque that recognizes its hard and consistent work for Dominican export companies. The activity was attended by directors of ADOEXPO and Banco LAFISE, Government Ministers, representatives of the nominated companies and special guests.

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