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Latin American Festival

The first Latin American Music and Dance Festival in the Colombian city of Cali opens on May 18 with the presentation of the Juglares and Huari groups.

Instruments such as reed flutes, zampoña, quena, accompanied by charangos and drums typical of the Latin American Andean region, are part of the sample of the first version of this festival that seeks to become an annual event in the south-west of Colombia.

The festival will bring together at the Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theater in Cali different groups that perform, compose and produce music of this traditional genre that has had important exponents in the south of the continent.

“This first Festival will be held with groups born in our city and have extensive experience and national and international projection,” the organizers said in a statement.

As special guests will be the Añuritay musical group and the dances of this genre, will be on behalf of the Suyay Foundation.

The strong presence of “melodies with a descending tendency, and accelerated cadence tempos, are musical traits that respond to the construction of the Andean imaginary, with a strong presence in South American countries”

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