Social Policy Cabinet delivers more than 14 million pesos in medicines and supplies to Monseñor Nouel hospitals

The coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, delivered this weekend a donation of high-cost medicines and medical supplies amounting to more than 14 million pesos to hospitals and other health centers in the municipal districts of the Monseñor Nouel province , thanks to the collaboration agreement between the institution and the “El Buen Samaritano” Hospital-Foundation directed by Moisés Sifren.
Peña, toured the municipal districts of La Salvia-Los Quemados and Juma Bejucal and the health centers of Sabana del Puerto, Jayaco and Prosperidad in the municipality of Bonao, accompanied by the institution’s health director, Guillermo Moringlane, to reach the rural clinics in this area.
During the delivery of the medicines, the coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, assured that bringing a helping hand to people in conditions of social vulnerability in the country is one of the priorities of the Dominican Government, and through the institution that directs different initiatives are carried out to raise the quality of life of Dominicans.
“With this medicine delivery program we have visited medical centers throughout the country, on more than one occasion in some places, we have even reached some prisons, and our goal is to go to all the penitentiary centers in the nation and return as many times as possible. necessary to hospitals to help the most vulnerable,” Peña said.
In addition, the official highlighted that the Cabinet maintains other social assistance programs at the national level, such as the program “Transforming My Country”, “Opportunity 14-2”, “Change of dirt floors for cement”, among others.
On her side, the governor of the province, Raquel Jiménez, thanked the action of the Cabinet and its coordinator, Tony Peña, while emphasizing that she has always been aware of that province and has responded to the call for help and need of its citizens.
“Tony Peña and the Social Policy Cabinet have come several times to this province of Monsignor Nouel to bring us their different programs to help all its citizens, so we are pleased that they always keep us in mind to make these donations,” she said.
Meanwhile, the regional director of the Ministry of Public Health of the Monsignor Nouel province, José Báez, described the contributions of the Social Policy Cabinet as positive and highlighted that with the medicines donated by the Cabinet and the Hospital-Fundación “El Buen Samaritano” It will be possible to bring quality medical attention to the residents of the area.
“We thank Mr. Tony Peña for taking us into account for these donations with which, due to the large amount of drugs and medical supplies donated, we will be able to carry out medical operations to provide quality medical care to citizens,” he added.
During the tour of the different points of the province, Tony Peña was accompanied, in addition to the municipal and health authorities of the province, by representatives of different social sectors, as well as officials from the Social Policy Cabinet.
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