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Maduro assures that there will be Justice for Guaidó: “Sometimes it takes time, but it arrives”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has assured that there will be justice for the opposition leader and self-proclaimed “president in charge” of the country, Juan Guaidó, for what he continues to consider as a crime and a usurpation of powers.

On the occasion of the third anniversary since the swearing-in of the “parallel” government in Venezuela, Maduro has assured that “sometimes Justice takes time, but it arrives anyway.” His words have taken place after the National Assembly demanded that the Public Ministry take action in this regard against Guaidó “as soon as possible”.

“The people of Venezuela can be sure that there is going to be justice here,” stressed the president from the Miraflores Palace during a rally called by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on the anniversary of the fall of the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jiménez, overthrown on January 23, 1958.

Thus, Maduro has pointed out that the information received in 2019 about the imposition of “a puppet president to carry out a coup d’état, military intervention and political control” came from the US White House.

“We knew it from the White House because the plan was concocted there. It was in the White House that the plan to impose a puppet president on Venezuela was approved, we knew it in time,” he asserted, according to information from the newspaper ‘El Universal’.

On the other hand, Maduro has pointed out that although “three years of imperialist aggression and damage to the people” have passed, “the patriotic values ​​of resistance and struggle have also been strengthened.”

“Without conscience it is impossible to walk the path of the true revolution. What some do not understand in the world is that a true revolution was unleashed in Venezuela and that it is victorious in the remainder of the 21st century,” he stated.

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